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Music Director Position


As Cedar Hill arrives in 2024, we are excited to see what God will do as we search for our next Music Director. Below will give you a job description and an email address to submit your resume to if you feel God is leading you to apply.

Who we are…

We at Cedar Hill want you to use your God-given abilities to engage the congregation by using our choir, praise team, and orchestra as tools in worship to lead us all into the Presence of God. The worship leader should be committed to engaging in the lives of our members where others want to be more involved in our music ministry. We expect the worship leader to spend time in prayer seeking the Lord in what songs should be implemented on a weekly basis for our congregation, choir, and praise team. We are looking for a team player who is high energy and has a passion for using their gifts to glorify the Lord


Our Present State…

We would be considered a blended style of worship that has been blessed with a talented choir, praise team, and instrumentalists. As Cedar Hill moves forward, we strongly believe that we have been called to be a church that offers traditional hymns as well as praise and worship music. We have a conviction to reach every generation for Christ. God has pressed on our hearts to use our music ministry as a resource to connect each generation in worship. Our ultimate goal is for each person who walks through the doors of the church, to leave being able to say, “it has been good to be in the house of the Lord today.”




  • Set the stage for the preaching time by leading the congregation in a blended style of worship using hymns or choruses as well as praise and worship music. 

    • Use the choir, praise team, and orchestra to engage the congregation in worship.

  • Lead in worship on Sunday mornings and Sunday night

  • Constantly promote the music program

    • Always be recruiting praise team, choir, and orchestra members to help the church reach its fullest potential for Christ.

  • If called upon during funerals and weddings, your attendance and assistance is a must

    • Try everything possible to be available to minister to a family during these sacred times. 

  • Be prepared to start on time

  • Practice with the praise team, choir, and orchestra on a regular basis.

    • Set a consistent schedule for practices for every facet of the music ministry

  • Be in communication with your instrumentalist via text, phone call, or email during the week.

    • If possible, try to prepare a few weeks ahead of time and communicate with your team (instrumentalists) where you are being led in music for the next few weeks.

    • Be receptive to ideas that your team or others might suggest.

  • Have the ability to be “relevant” in choosing songs that can engage each generation in worship.

  • Attend the weekly staff meeting on time

    • Communication with church staff is vital

    • Work with the pastor and staff to be creative in meeting the needs of our congregation.

  • Prepare an Easter and Christmas Cantata.

    • All special services should be prepared in detail to help communication.

Always be aware of ideas to better help our music ministry glorify God.



  • 3-5 years experience is preferred but not required in leading worship and a choir

  • Music background

    • Reading music

    • Playing an instrument is preferred but not required

  • In-depth knowledge of audio/visual is preferred but not required

  • Website maintenance is preferred but not required

  • VBS participation 

  • A servant’s heart


Salary and Benefits…

  • Part-time $17k a year (negotiable) 

    • Plus mileage

    • Plus housing (negotiable) 

  • One vacation Sunday after first year 

    • Vacation could be negotiable as the search process develops and as God leads

  • Christmas Bonus


Please submit resume and a website/YouTube link of you leading worship to: 

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