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Highlights from Habakkuk pt. 4 Habakkuk 3:2

Background/ Theme:

The book of Habakkuk’s main idea for the entire book surrounds the question, why do bad things happen?

· Judah has turned their back on the Lord once again

o In return, God has devised a strategy to bring His people back to Him

§ In v’s 1:5-11, God explains His strategy that doesn’t make sense by allowing someone worse off spiritually than Judah to bring Judah back to the Lord.


I. The Burden we carry blurs the meaning God has in store for us v’s 2-4

Notice how this blurs Habakkuk’s focus…

A. Habakkuk only sees isolation- v’s 2

B. Habakkuk only sees destruction- v’s 3

C. Habakkuk only speaks out of frustration- v’s 4

II. The burden we carry blocks the message God has in store for us- v’s 5-6

How did the burden block God message to Habakkuk?

A. Habakkuk questions God’s intervention- v’s 5-6

B. Habakkuk questions God’s presentation- v’s 7-8

III.Be prepared to stay for it-res us for a moment God has in store for us- 2:1-3

How can we prepare ourselves for that moment?

A. Be prepared to see it- v’s 1

B. Be prepared to show it- v’s 2

C. Be Prepared to stay for it- v’s 3

IV. The burden we carry positions us to see the mercy God has in store for us- v’s 3:2

How can the burden we carry position us to see God’s mercy?

We have to answer two simple questions:

A. Are we listening to what God is saying to us? “I have heard your speech

1. We can hear what God is saying sometimes, but listening to what He is saying is something totally different.

a. We know that Habakkuk not only hears what God is saying, but Habakkuk is listening to what God is saying

How do I know Habakkuk is listening to what God is saying?

2. Because Habakkuk is being honest with the Lord… he acknowledges the Lord

a. He says “I heard what you said and it scares me”

b. Understand, hearing and fearing can be the starting point of experiencing God like never before.

i. In Habakkuk 2:1 Habakkuk tells the Lord he will wait and see what God is going to do. Now in Chapter 3:2, we see that Habakkuk’s patience’s to wait on the Lord to reveal His plan pays off.

3. Also, Habakkuk answers the question honestly, He says God I was afraid…

a. Listen, God knew Habakkuk was afraid, that is why God couldn’t reveal the plan to Habakkuk back in chapter one, because He knew Habakkuk wouldn’t understand His plan.

b. Many times the reason we are not willing to listen to God’s plans is because we are not willing to be honest with ourselves not honest with God… we would rather deny it than admit it.

We also have to answer the second question:

B. Are we learning from what God is showing us? v’s 2 “make it known

1. We know that Habakkuk is learning from what God is showing him because of instead of focusing on the destruction, his attention turns to how God can revive Israel.

2. When our focus transitions from the mess that we might be in right now, to focusing on the future and restoration then we know we are learning from what we are seeing.

3. Unfortunately in life, sometimes we have to “drop back and punt” or there is “addition from subtraction.”

a. We show our spiritual immaturity when we focus on the right now and instead of focusing in on God’s big picture (His future plan).

4. Habakkuk ends this verse (v’s 2) with a statement that illustrates his growth in the Lord. He says, “in wrath remember mercy

a. Wrath means to shake or to tremble

b. Mercy means to hold close or to be in a protective state (such as a babe in the womb)

i. So putting wrath and mercy together, Habakkuk is saying in the midst of you shaking things up around me, I am reminded that I am in a state of protection. That protection is in the hands of God.

We need to be reminded that in the midst of destruction around us, God has us in His hands to protect us.



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