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Highlights from Habakkuk Lesson 3 Habakkuk 2:1-3


Background/ Theme:

The book of Habakkuk’s main idea for the entire book surrounds the question, why do bad things happen?

· Judah has turned their back on the Lord once again

o In return, God has devised a strategy to bring His people back to Him God explains His strategy that doesn’t make sense by allowing someone worse off spiritually than Judah to bring Judah back to the Lord.

God explains His strategy that doesn’t make sense by allowing someone worse off spiritually than Judah to bring Judah back to the Lord.


I. The Burden we carry blurs the meaning God has in store for us v’s 2-4

Notice how this blurs Habakkuk’s focus…

A. Habakkuk only sees isolation- v’s 2

B. Habakkuk only sees destruction- v’s 3

C. Habakkuk only speaks out of frustration- v’s 4

II. The burden we carry blocks the message God has in store for us- v’s 5-6

How did the burden block God message to Habakkuk?

A. Habakkuk questions God’s intervention- v’s 5-6

B. Habakkuk questions God’s presentation- v’s 7-8

III. The burden we carry prepares us for a moment God has in store for us- 2:1-3

How can we prepare ourselves for that moment?

A. Be prepared to see it - v's 1

1. Habakkuk was worried about how much time might elapse before he hears from the Lord, but we have to remember that God’s timing is always perfect timing.

2. What we hate the most is having to endure times of silence

a. What we are enduring right now in our country is a time silence. We have no answers and we have no idea when this virus will leave.

3. In v’s 1, Habakkuk says that we will wait and see… this is the turning point in Habakkuk’s life. He starts to see that God is preparing him personally for something big in his life.

a. When we can say, “ I am going to wait and see” what God is going to do in our lives, then we have reached a turning point and God is about to reveal his purpose to us.

B. Be prepared to show it- 2

When God tells us to write something, are we willing to show others what He has revealed to us?

1. If Habakkuk wouldn’t have been faithful to everything we read about in chapter one, then Habakkuk wouldn’t have anything to write about on the tablets that we read about in chapter two.

a. When we are prepared to share with others what God has revealed to us then it can be a blessing to others.

2. In v’s 2 the message isn’t for Habakkuk, but the text says it is for the ones that run to it may read it.

a. What greater blessing can we be for God by letting others read our story because we are willing to show our message (we make our message available) for others to read.

b. What is going on in your life right now that others can see and in return will be a blessing to them?

C. Be Prepared to stay for it- v’s 3

1. The true test comes when the message is revealed and you stick it out even when it might cost you something.

a. For Habakkuk, the message was a message of one that was of destruction because of the sins that the people of Judah were committing.

2. Through the tough times, when Habakkuk didn’t understand the message of God and questioned what God was doing, he stayed committed to the Lord.

3. The main question is, are we going to stay committed to Christ? When the message is one that sin will be revealed and as the scripture says in v’s 3 “it shall not lie”

a. Through the trying times of life, I pray you will stay committed through the tough times where God can reveal Himself to you like never before.

This is the song that I referred to in my sermon.

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