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Highlights from Habakkuk





a. Habakkuk is questioning God as to say that God has been inactive and His inactivity has allowed things to get out of hand.ring Judah back to the Lord.

· How do you cope with the stress that comes into play in your life?

Background/ Theme:

The book of Habakkuk’s main idea for the entire book surrounds the question, why do bad things happen?

· Judah has turned their back on the Lord once again


o In return, God has devised a strategy to bring His people back to Him

In v’s 5-11, God explains His strategy that doesn’t make sense by allowing someone worse off spiritually than Judah to bring Judah back to the Lord.


I. The Burden we carry blurs the meaning God has in store for us v’s 2-4

We miss out on what has in store for us because we are focused on our surroundings instead of focused on Him.

Notice how this blurs Habakkuk’s focus…

A. Habakkuk only sees isolation- v’s 2

a. Habakkuk feels all alone. He doesn’t think God is anywhere to be found

1. When we are having trouble seeing the will of God, then we too answer God like Habakkuk does in v’s 2.

2. When we feel isolated, we call out like Habakkuk in v’s 2 by stating things like he did. He says, “you will not hear” and “you will not save”

a. We should be reminded of Hebrews 7:25, “God is able to save the uttermost”

B. Habakkuk only sees destruction- v’s 3

a. Habakkuk is questioning God as to say that God has been inactive and His inactivity has allow things to get out of hand.

b. Habakkuk has forgotten all the things that God has done for him in the past. It is easy for us to forget all the things God has done for us when we only see destruction.

1. Right now in what we are facing each day with new updates concerning COVID-19, it is easy for us to point the finger at others because there is destruction all around us.

2. I believe that we all can say that right now we are living v’s 3 all around us.

C. Habakkuk only speaks out of frustration- v’s 4

a. Habakkuk’s frustration escalates to the point of calling out the law and saying it is powerless.

b. He is basically saying that Judah is running around in mass chaos and in return it frustrates Habakkuk.

i. Isn’t this what we are seeing all around us right now? People are hoarding certain items, restaurants are reduced to take out only, and some states are on lockdown.

1. We might feel as if our government is powerless in some ways because of the chaos of the people.

2. As a Christian, we should be reminded that we shouldn’t speak out of frustration, but we should set the bar to live above our circumstances.

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