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Daily Devotionals w/ the CHBC Family

*Each part consists pf 5 minutes

1. Praise/ Worship

2. Be silent

3. Confess your sins

4. Read your Bible (possibly a chapter in Psalms)

5. Prayer for your Pastor

6.Intercede for others (pray for others)

7. Petition (your personal prayer requests)

8. Give thanks

9. Sing

10. Meditate on what God has revealed to you through this time

11. Listen/ be faithful to what God has revealed to you during this time

12. Praise/Worship

Other suggestions to pray about...

1. Confess your sins- 1 John 1:9

2. Give thanks to God

3. Praise the Lord

Glorify God, Glorify His character, and Attributes ( Psalms 8,19,24,65,92,104,139)

4. Pray for the filling of God's Spirit

5. Pray for God's presence in His Church

6. Pray for God to manifest His power in His church

7. Pray for genuine revival for the Church

8. Pray for your pastor

a. Pray for his family

b. Pray as he leads us in worship

c. Pray for his prayer life

d. Pray for the Power of the Holy Spirit in his life

e. Pray for him to preach the Word with clarity

f. Pray for him to be filled with wisdom

9. Pray for your minister of music

a. Pray for the fullness of God's Spirit in his life

b. Pray for him to have an understanding and wisdom in worship

10. Pray fo the deacons and trustees

a. Pray they would be spiritual leaders

b. Pray they would be servants of the people of the church

c. Pray they would be filled with the Holy Spirit

11. Pray other church leaders

12. Pray for faithful church members

a. Pray they would have a desire to grow

b. Pray that God would keep them from the evil one

c. Pray they would continue to grow strong in the Lord

d. Pray their commitment level would grow stronger

e. Pray they would be more faithful to study to Word of God

f. Pray they would grow in their prayer life

13. Pray for church members who are not faithful

a. Pray they would get more involved in the work of the church

14. Pray for the Lost

a. Pray they would be convicted of their sinfulness

b. Pray they would understand that Jesus is God's son who died on the cross for their


c. Pray they would trust Jesus for their salvation

d. Pray they would attend a worship service

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