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Cedar Hill Baptist Church Plans for Reopening


Deciding whether or not to come to Church…

1. If a person is hesitant to start back to church, we encourage them to stay home until they are comfortable returning.

2. If anyone has a weakened or compromised immune system we strongly recommend that person stay home until all restrictions have been lifted.

Arriving to church

3. If a person feels comfortable wearing a mask to worship, we encourage them to do so. Wearing a mask is not a requirement to attend worship.

4. Hand Sanitizer stations will be available for everyone as they enter the sanctuary.

5. Doors at the start of our services will be propped open. This includes bathroom doors.

6. Bulletins will available on a table for pick up for the month of May. Bulletins will be given out by greeters starting the first Sunday of June (7th).

7. Use social distancing from people that are not living in your household while seated in the Sanctuary.

8. Offerings at doors at end of service 

9. No hand shaking, fellowship time , or holding of hands at the end of the service for the foreseeable future.

10. Leave the Sanctuary using social distancing



Sunday Morning Bible Study             9:30 A.M.

Morning Worship                               10:30 A.M.

Children's Church (Pre-K - 5th)         10:30 A.M.

Evening Worship                                   6:30 P.M.


Cedar Hill Kids Ministry                       6:30 P.M.

Student Ministry                                   6:30 P.M.

Evening Worship                                   6:30 P.M.


636 Demory Road
LaFollette, TN 37766

(423) 562-9318

(423) 562-9319 fax




Office Hours
Monday - Friday:

10:00 A.M. -  2:00 P.M.

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