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Breaking down the Beatitudes Lesson One Matthew 5:3-5

Explaining the Beatitudes:

Jesus is the train and we (Christians) are the caboose and everything in the middle is the beatitudes.


The start of the Sermon on the Mount. This is the first detailed message Christ spoke to His disciples.

Explanation of the diagram:

The beatitudes are broken down into three different sets.

· The foundation- the bottom level… the start of growing in your faith

· The Factor- everything hinges on one beatitude that determines if you get to the last level

· The fruits- if you trust the Lord in the previous stage, you will see fruit in your Christian life.

The first three: The foundation level

1. The Poor in Spirit

2. Those who Mourn

3. The Meek

I. The conviction of the foundation stage- “blessed”

1. Jesus Christ is reminding us that we are not just tolerated, but we are celebrated.

2. Jesus is saying that our conviction should be one that reminds us that we are blessed

o The beatitudes are not what we have, but who we are in Christ- 2 Corinthians 5:17

II. The condition of the foundation stage

1. Poor in Spirit- this condition shows that we have come to a place in our life that we are nothing without Christ.

2. Those who mourn- this condition takes on the meaning of sin that upsets you to the point that you are sorrowful about it. Are you mournful over the sin of yourself or of others?

3. Meekness- meekness is not weakness. Meekness comes from the same meaning to domesticate an animal… in other words, to break something of their wild tendencies.

a. Illustration: a rudder steering a big ship.

III. The conclusion of the foundation stage- “the results

1. The foundation that Christ is laying looks differently than the foundation the world lays.

2. The foundation consists of being broken towards God… having a humble attitude.

3. The foundation that God is laying might not make sense to you. I doubt it made sense to the disciples at the time.

The ultimate thing I want you to take home with you tonight is that the beatitudes are built for the future. They are built to sustain the present to be rewarded in the future.



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